It's tempting to click on the first promotional products website you find and order 100 t-shirts with your logo on it. Done! You think you're saving money, until you get the shirts and your logo is the wrong color, and they run so small that no one but your employees' children can wear them. When you try to send the shirts back you find out how little customer service there is online.

For a better experience, contact EDC. Discover what it's like to have your own personal promotions advisor (a real person!) walk you through every step of the process. We'll make sure your logo, whether it's screened or embroidered, looks perfect on those shirts. And maybe we'll find a great deal on caps to go with them! Your project will be on time and on budget. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

  • Client and Corporate Appreciation Gifts
  • Staff Recognition and Years of Service Awards
  • Name/Logo or Product Introduction
  • Trade Show Marketing
  • Sales Meetings/Leave Behind Gifts
  • Safety Education and Incentives
  • Employee Recruitment
  • Grand Openings
  • School Spirit
  • Custom Advertising Pieces